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November 2017

  • Discovery Collection: 19.6% off
  • Sportsman Collection: 14.8% off

December 2017

  • Discovery Collection: 13.2% off
  • Sportsman Collection: 11.3% off


  • Coupon code "Summer 2018".
  • Offers expire December 30, 2017
  • Minimum 6 nights rental
  • Local tax to be added

  Tailgate Alaska 2018

March 2018

With 700 inches of annual snowfall, jagged peaks, stable snowpack and 1,600,000 acres of riding terrain (more than every ski area in North and South America combined), Tailgate Alaska World Freeride Festival offers direct, 360˚ access to unthinkable peaks accessed by helicopter, snowmobile and hiking. It doesn’t matter if you have competed at the Olympics, traveled the world following snow, or are a jaded industry insider: Tailgate Alaska World Freeride Festival is the single most prolific experience of a skier or riders career. Ask anyone.

The goal of Tailgate Alaska is to make riding the best mountains and conditions on earth practical, affordable and safe for people who dream of riding the biggest and the best. Going into its eighth year, Tailgate Alaska has become the conduit to introduce thousands of riders to Alaska. The festival runs 10 days to compensate for variable weather and to ensure there's enough time for good riding. Being in the heart of Thompson Pass, it offers zero-approach access to amazing peaks. Tailgate Alaska is the opportunity to live out your skiing and snowboarding dreams.

Clippership 2018 Tailgate / Arctic Man Event Packages

Choose any size Class C model:
  • 03 nights - $299.63
  • 05 nights - $487.24
  • 07 nights - $623.12
  • 10 nights - $763.78

Package includes unlimited miles and unlimited use of generator. Package is valid between March 10, 2018 and April 20, 2017. We never charge extra fees for any rental. Just add tax.

  Travel at your own pace

 Tangle Lakes Campground, milepost 21.5 Denali Highway, Alaska

Even the most seasoned travelers agree that Alaska takes your breath away. It has more mountains, glaciers, and wildlife than just about anywhere else in the world. With its vast mountain views, beautiful waters, and untouched vistas, Alaska is the perfect destination for a summer vacation.

Each year, more than one million people view Alaska by cruise ship but shore visits are limited, so passengers miss most of what Alaska has to offer. Getting off the beaten path in your own rented motor home allows you access to places tourists normally don't go and the intimacy and freedom of raveling with your family gives you a more spontaneous experience than seeing wildlife from a tour bus. Plus the State of Alaska spends more than $5 million each year to provide 121 locations for you to spend the night.

Roughing it in a late model luxury motor home is more an experience than a vacation, where the journey can be as entertaining as the destination and you don't have to set an alarm clock.

With Clippership, you

  • Unpack just once.
  • Let the kids sleep in (no rousing surly teenagers in time to catch a tour bus)
  • Eat what you want, when you're hungry
  • Take a nap when youre tired
  • Choose your own view and use your own bathroom
  • Take a day or an hour your hotel room travels with you
  • Catch lunch and cook it anywhere you wish.

Our top priority: your safety and comfort

We guarantee your enjoyment in one of our fully equipped rental motorhomes. Our prices are competitive, but our services can't be beat. We meticulously check each of our RVs to maintain factory mechanical standards and you can be confident that your vehicle has been serviced prior to your vacation.

Please feel free to contact us at 1-800-421-3456 (USA) or +1 907-562-7051 (International) with your questions or to book your reservation.

We look forward to seeing you in beautiful Alaska.
95 of people

who camped as children said it had a positive impact on their adult lives, helping them develop an appreciation for the outdoors and for different people and places. Plus, RVs feel more like home than a hotel, making travel relaxing and familiar – no surprises here.

  Do the world famous Alaska Highway May 2017

1442 miles long

The attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 led to one of the greatest engineering feats of the century. Recognizing that the U.S. West Coast, Canada and all of Alaska were open to possible Japanese invasion, President Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered the construction of the “Alaska Canada Military Highway" on February 11, 1942. Construction of the highway was completed 8 months and 12 days later. An opening ceremony was held a Soldiers Summit on Kluane Lake on November 20, 1942.

Have you heard about the incredibly scenic drive from Canada to Anchorage along the entire famous Alaska Highway? Now you and your family can experience this amazing journey in a fully appointed luxury motor home from Clippership RV rentals.

Every spring, we add new motorhomes for the next summer season. You can drive one of these motorhomes to our Anchorage facility from such popular departure cities as San Francisco, Denver, New York, and the factory in Indiana. Many of our renters are professional photographers, others just want to experience the last true wilderness drive in North America.

If you pick up one of our 2018 motorhomes from the lower 48 and drop it to our Anchorage office by May 24, 2018, it'll be free for the first six days.

After May 24, or if you keep the RV for more than six days, you'll be charged a flat daily rental rate of $100 per day, a savings of at least 50%. All rentals include unlimited miles and full insurance.

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