2015 Seven Nights - Six Glaciers Private Luxury RV Tour

You can certainly plot your own Alaskan adventure, but why not leave that to the natives? We know where to go, how long to drive each day, which RV parks offer the best amenities and view, perfect places to stop along the way — and we’re more than happy to show you.

We’ll take the guesswork out of your adventure so you can enjoy the ride and the view. Plus, you get to meet and travel with fellow adventurers — a great way to share the experience, not to mention the cooking chores. Our tour leader, a professional photographer, will cheerfully document your journey for you and will ship you a video and photo album soon after the end of the trip.

And the all-inclusive pricing makes budgeting easier, as you’ll know the total costs upfront, with no unpleasant surprises.

When: June 12, 2015 or September 02, 2015
How long: Seven nights
Limit: Seven families

Glaciers you’ll see:

  • Portage Glacier
  • Matanuska Glacier
  • Worthington Glacier
  • Meares Glacier
  • Columbia Glacier
  • Maclaren Glacier

What we do:

What you do:

The cost:

The fine print:

Just some of the highlights along the way:

  • A - Portage Glacier *
  • A - The Trail of Blue Ice
  • B - Independence Mine Historical Park
  • C - Matanuska Glacier
  • D - Worthington Glacier
  • E - Meares Glacier *
  • E - Columbia Glacier *
  • E - Whale watching *
  • F - Tangle Lakes
  • G - Maclaren Glacier viewpoint
  • H - Mount Deborah / Hess viewpoint
  • I - Denali National Park
  • J - Teklanika River Campground
  • K - Wonder Lake
  • L - Susitna River

* by boat

Contact us today for availability or to receive a detailed itinerary.
Tour Map, Alaska
Meares Glacier, Alaska
Tangle Lakes, Alaska
Columbia Glacier, Alaska